Chrome for Mac and XMarks — not quite there

I’ve been trying out Chrome for a while now and there are only two things holding me back, both of which are extensions to Firefox:

  1. Xmarks – saving my bookmarks on a server so they’re the same everywhere
  2. Download Helper – save those YouTube videos in high-quality mp4

The first is on its way. I’ve been using the “Windows” version of the Xmarks Chrome plugin, and it faithfully downloaded all my bookmarks from the server, however, it seems unable to update with any new bookmarks.
Also, Chrome seems to hand indefinitely if it is left enabled.
So, no Xmarks quite yet.

I can’t find *anything* for Chrome that replaces Download Helper for Firefox. Oh well. I’ll just boot up Firefox when it’s really needed.

Despite these two rather major shortcomings, I am using Chrome as my main browser day-to-day.
Its speed and beauty are hard to ignore.

3 Responses to “Chrome for Mac and XMarks — not quite there”

  1. Xian tour Says:

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  2. Sebastien C. Says:

    Indeed, the lack of Extensions on Mac can't be explained. This is such a major shortcoming, they are lucky people used to complete browser accept this flaw (and I count myself in). I used the Xmark BETA on Chrome DEV Channel for a while now, and it bridged my gap, but since they published the “official” Beta for Mac, I can't seem to find a version that will allow for the Xmarks one to install. Am I the only one the sucombed to the beta just to learn that it killed my fragile balance and forced me to revert to an Xmarks-less experience? BTW, I currently use Chrome for Mac version…


  3. Mike Says:

    To download Youtube videos you can use “clive”, a command line utility for Linux. Also, after playing a video there is a file left behind in /tmp starting with Flash, eg. FlashE83HC

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