Not so long ago…

The Motorola Rockr

this was the first iTunes enable phone. We’ve come a long, long way.

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  1. Personal Massager Says:

    I agree, that is my very first mobile phone, back in the days that phone was the best on it's class. I love to death not until I got my recent iPhone.

  2. Wood Deck Tiles Says:

    that was too long ago..and look at now the designs of the new phones.. they developed a lot!

  3. Tech Support Says:

    Hi, nice phone !! What's the best, easiest and cheapest way to put music on a motorokr?

  4. Jogos Para Celular Says:

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  5. Dog rescue Says:

    I like this phone i have use this phone this is very nice !! Thanks For sharing

  6. sheartech Says:

    Recent innovations on our lives makes our lives more fun and exciting, you made me realize that we really come a long way and the specs of the phone on my hand right now is far from that one.. I wonder what's next!

  7. bingo uk Says:

    motorola has always been advance when it comes to music, it's their phone that has the first fm radio feature.. this is great!

  8. Google Local Searches Says:

    i have always wanted to have this model but everytime i try to get one for myself, all stores and business centers i asked they were all sold out and out of stock. my partner and i wanted to get ourselves of that, like “his & hers” thing. i still want to have that now as my second phone. thanks for posting.

  9. Jogos Para Celular Gratis Says:

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  10. Musicvideos1 Says:

    i am still using this phone. its my favorite.
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  11. petsafe underground fence Says:

    My brother uses this one, seems to be happy with it's features.

  12. Guy Chaput Says:

    I am so glad we have gone further than this and I can not wait to see what they can do 20 years from now.

  13. Guilin Tour Says:

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  14. Xian tour Says:

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