Rogers has new shared family data plan

Rogers family data plan

iPhone users are currently paying $30 for voice + $40 for data = $70/month,
so for two smartphone users sharing one Rogers bill, this could save $50.

This doesn’t includes all the service charges, 911 fees, and postage and handling that Rogers charges, which probably whittles the real savings down to 52ยข or something. :-/

It shows up at the top of the
search results for “family data plan”,
but Rogers isn’t very rigorous about links into their site, so YMMV.

20 Responses to “Rogers has new shared family data plan”

  1. Unlocked Cell Phone Says:

    I will save on my budget for data plan

  2. bdsm toys Says:

    A little decrease more and more could comfortably afford their plan, me included of course, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope that they decide to cut a little bit more.

  3. banzai water slide Says:

    that's very expensive

  4. Deck Tile Says:

    this is a good news about Rogers.. people can save money for using it on their phone bills..

  5. download de filmes Says:

    much like 10 worth

  6. financial advisor rochester Says:

    Nice deal. Hope that this isn't just a short promo, but a long term service.

  7. richardz315 Says:

    wow i really found this to be interesting. thanks for sharing

  8. Web site design Says:

    I have a family Plan unlimited text and if i wanted the G1 would i have to switch to the data plan? What you say?

  9. Nile Cruises Says:

    Very nice posts. Is the package not including 911 calls…… very strange

  10. Kiteboarding Kite Says:

    Nice, that's actually a good plan to go with! Nice post! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Bluegrass Says:

    That's interesting! It is a good plan, hope it can succeed. Thanks for sharing!

  12. DVF Dresses Says:

    Hey nile, Most of the companies don`t include 911 charges its pretty normal Mate…

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    its great news:D thanks for posting it!

    Thanks and Regards

  14. Music Says:

    its a very nice plan. save money.thanks

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    It's indeed an excellent plan, I totally agree with you on this one.


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