It’s phone season

HTC Android phone
HTC Android phone – click for larger

has announced
availability of the HTC Dream and HTC Magic phones, both running Google’s Android OS, which is not dissimilar to the iPhone’s OS.

The major concern with the previous Android phone, the G1, was the battery life.
It would last an hour.
Apparently this is no longer such an issue.
According to
ZDNet Asia:

Inevitably the connected nature of many of the HTC Magic’s applications means that you’ll push the battery pretty hard. The quoted life is up to 7.5 hours of talk and 420 hours on standby. We found we needed to charge the battery every day at first, but after the initial burst of heavy use this settled down to a couple of days between charges.

The phones cost the same – $150 – and Rogers offers a $45/month, 500 MB data plan.
Quite a bit less data than the 6 GB plan early iPhone users are currently enjoying.

Another phone on the horizon is the
Nokia N97.

18 Responses to “It’s phone season”

  1. Unlocked Cell Phone Says:

    This phone support 3G or HSDPA?

  2. Kiteboarding Kite Says:

    Nomia and iPhones are the ones to beat. This unit is definitely a top contenter but sad to say not there yet, needs to improve a bit more. Imagine a phone that battery can last for just an hour?

  3. dog food Says:

    give me the name of the phone and a link to the phone showing a picture and/or a description.

  4. Isis Says:

    Cool! thanks for the share.

  5. Fishing Tackle Says:

    i am getting a cell phone soon and want to buy this one if you have any idea please tell me.

  6. new parents Says:

    i love HTC phones! windows mobile powered phone.. but that's not appropriate for stay at home moms.

  7. Iain Says:

    The HTC Hero looks very cool. I love the Sense UI.

    Windows Mobile is a dead OS as far as I am concerned.

    The iPhone as the app store behind it. I don't see anyone matching Apple anytime soon.

  8. Personal Massager Says:

    I love my iPhone, nobody else in the world could replace it or have that functionality! Simply the best, but HTC looks very promising..

  9. Isis Says:

    I heard so many god thing regarding HTC phone there are advantages and disadvantages from this phone, but still I have to go with iPhone.

  10. UK online bingo Says:

    HTC phone has now becoming popular on the market because of its new and unique features..

  11. Tech Support Says:

    I am so confused,so people say myTouch 3g,some people say HTC magic.And some say HTC hero,some say it's G2! so are they 4 different phones? or what?

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