mininova introduces “user icons” to help prevent spam

Today’s mininova results have a new graphical element in them:

mininova screenshot
mininova screenshot showing new user icons (click for larger image)

These icons allow users to quickly discern when a torrent that claims to be from a well-known group (e.g. eztv) is not actually from that group.
These “spam torrents” can appear when new shows come out or are anticipated to come out, and clog up the internet with useless data, wasting both ISP bandwidth and everyone’s time.

12 Responses to “mininova introduces “user icons” to help prevent spam”

  1. fraud prevention Says:

    And you think that this safety measure will stop the spam? I don't think so. Spammers will find new tactics.

  2. NiNJADMiN Says:

    go mininova go :D

    I've created a search engine that crawls ALL these top torrent sites like mininova. :) its way cool too!

  3. Americana Says:

    That's a great thing to prevent spamming. You have an informative post for mininova. Thanks!

  4. Music Says:

    go spam forever. its a nice way to stop spam.

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  6. evelyntiffany Says:

    I've been waiting for something like this. I always scan my torrents and their contents but sometimes a few trojans get away and infest my computer. Mininova might set a trend among all torrent sites.
    Evelyn Tiffany – dedicated server programmer.

  7. jobs Says:

    good stuff. thanks for share.

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  8. careers Says:

    that could solve a spam

  9. Vigrx plus Says:

    it's good, Let's see what happnd…..may be they splve

  10. Laptop Battery Says:

    solve a spam is a big things

  11. Movie downloads Says:

    shazam has been available for s60 since before the original iphone was released.

  12. Hongkong Tour Says:

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