New WD Passport Drive .. with **FireWire 800**

WD Passport Studio
WD Passport Studio

Woo, there’s a new WD Passport drive (the drives we use at gaming on Friday nights), and not only is this one bigger (500 GB), but it also sports a FireWire 800 port.
It’s called the
Passport Studio.

WD Media Player

Also new from Western Digital is
an HD Media Player.
[ link]

Alas, Costco Canada
doesn’t seem to have
any of this new WD stuff yet.

10 Responses to “New WD Passport Drive .. with **FireWire 800**”

  1. jwr Says:

    Sweet! Must keep an eye on Costco Friday nights for this one.

  2. meeting rooms heathrow Says:

    A word of warning about external drives: Set it down before you power it up and don't move it while it's on. Movement while spinning will contribute to the failure of any drive.

  3. free slots Says:

    I agree.. I'm not too hip on external drives because they need to be sitting perfectly still at all times.

  4. Cargo Trailers Says:

    I'm trying to understand the difference between firewire 400 and firewire 800, as well as all the different connectors. Can you explain the difference?

  5. Isis Duo Says:

    Hey, thank you for the heads up.

  6. Music Says:

    its a full prof WD Passport drive. thanks

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