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The Canon HG21 has landed

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Various sites are now advertising it for $1,300.
[Aden Camera]
[ (for $1,126!)]


Update [2008-11-25 8:16 PM]:
MostlyDigital now has it for $930, a drop of $200!

Firefly—an iTunes server for AppleTV

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Screenshot from Firefly, a daapd server for AppleTV and Mac OS X

I found this on the ‘Net today, downloaded it, and set it up.
It’s running happily, and I have a screen
session busily copying all my mp3’s from my Mac Pro downstairs to
the 1TB external drive hooked up to the AppleTV.

This is a great solution, since it means we can have a music server available all the time
without having to keep my power-hungry, 4-core machine on all the time.

Apparently there is another AppleTV plugin that does BitTorrent,
so I may at last be able to turn off my computer at night!