WWDC 2008


It’s WWDC-keynote-day!
I’ll be adding to this post over the day.

Rumour: Mac Fusion

has some murky screenshots of an ad for a new Mac, the “Mac Fusion”, appreantly targetted at developers.

mac fusion

Sort of a super-Mac-Mini?

“Live” Web Sites

Here’s a list of web sites that will be tracking the WWDC keynote.

Let me know of any others.

Woah, live video feed from a phone!
Pretty impressive.
There is also a full-screen version of Viru.
Very cool!

So we have:

8 GB $200
16 GB $400

There will be a white model available, apparently.

Okay, so overall, this was a really long and boring keynote.
Nothing we didn’t already know for the first 70-80 minutes.

Finally the 3G iPhone is rolled out, and all it seems to be missing is video.

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