Buzzword – competitor to Google Docs word processing

Adobe launched a preview version of Buzzword,
which uses
Adobe Air to edit documents.


  • documents are on web server – so you can edit them anywhere
  • very slick UI
  • sharing sends a unique URL to the sharee
  • looks like it supports collaborative editing. Maybe two editors can see each other’s edits in realtime?


  • documents are on web server – so you don’t “own” them
  • can’t save to PDF .. on an domain!!!
  • UI is obtuse – instead of a simple tooltips UI, clicking on “radio button” options looks
    like a completely different action. e.g. sorting documents by date vs alphabetical order
  • password is forced to have non-alphabetical component
  • manipulating documents is difficult – single-clicking on a document’s name opens it rather than selecting it. You must click the icon next to the document’s name to select it. Renaming requires selecting “Rename” from a drop-down menu.

4 Responses to “Buzzword – competitor to Google Docs word processing”

  1. RickTreitman Says:

    Thanks for mentioning Buzzword. We’ll have PDF export very soon. We joined Adobe 5 months ago and have been working on it since. I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

  2. Music Says:

    very serious competitor to Google Docs. It doesn't have every feature under the sun, but it's polished and easy to use.

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