4 thoughts on “CPU Energy Usage”

  1. I mentioned this a couple of years ago; in winter in Canada, power consumption of a PC is a rather meaningless thing, as long as there is good air circulation.

    Server farms would have an interest in this, and there are newer CPUs available to them, than the ones listed — Quad cores of various types. Also their CPUs tend to be more maxed out than consumer PCs.

  2. No but it is meaningless precisely for that reason. When I work at home, I use a small electric heater while the rest of the house is mostly cold. Thus, all the heat radiating from the PC causes less effort for the heater. Thus it is a net-0 proposition.

  3. Also, this is not really on topic, but if you wanted $50 extra for a power bill, suppose you bought 10 shares of BCE:


    Jan 20: buy 10: $340
    Jan 24: sell 10: $365.50
    Jan 30: buy 10: $345
    Feb 1: sell 10: $360
    Feb 5: buy 11: $379
    Feb 8: sell 11: $396

    Net: $57.50 in about 2 weeks, or a return of about 439% annualized. In reality, the real traders would need larger lots to cover the brokerage fee.

    BCE is the most active stock on the TSX. Someone’s making big $$ here, and its not people holding mutual funds.

    Also you need a predictive algorithm for that. Something like “gee, 10% in 2 days seems good to me, see ya later!”.

    Of course if you or I tried that, they’d probably cancel the deal on us and we’d lose $100 right away.

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