Cowon A3 – media player handles almost all formats

Cowon A3
Cowon A3 DivX/other media player
Cowon A3

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I’m not sure, but this device sounds pretty incredible.
It has a hefty $550 CDN price tag though (58,800Â¥), which is the price of a cheap laptop these days.

What really stood out for me was:

  • component output at 1280×720 (720p)
  • DivX support
  • Ogg support
  • AppleLossless support
  • Flac support
  • WMV support
  • H.264 support

.. the list goes on and on.
Note that the actual display is only 800×480, it’s only the component output that can support 720p.

Probably not worth the price, really, but impressive nonetheless.

Maybe they will be able to get the price down after a while, and it will get really interesting..

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  1. jok Says:

    A tiny bit off topic, but I would not recommend a $500 laptop. In fact, wait for the new AMD/ATI graphics chipset based on the 3800 series for laptops to start shipping. Everything else is totally obsolete. You need an HD capable chipset these days to feed Games like Guitar Hero 3, Crysis, Dreamfall and that ilk into HD TVs at 1920×1080 resolution. Crysis can also do dual core, and utilizes Direct X 10. The detail, shininess smoothness and overall sexiness of HD 1920×1080 on those games is worth the wait and the extra money. (Of course, the nVidia 8800 series and ATI 3850/3870 are already available for desktops, and running in friends’ households, in fact). These 2 chipsets have the added benefit of GPU-based HD-DVD and Bluray decoding.

  2. rae Says:

    Most video cards have been HD-capable for a long while now. But HDCP is a recent feature, and GPU-based Blu-ray decoding is very recent.

  3. Blue Angel Says:

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  4. Blue Angel Says:

  5. Music Says:

    the only worry is the price is too high. otherwise its features are great.

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