iPhone apps are coming out fast

iphone apps
See Colloquuy? Click for larger pic.

The iPhone seems to be completely opened now.

You can install custom native apps, and unlock the phone to use with a non-AT&T company.

These new devices aren’t really iPhones or iPods.
They should be called iPads.
They are a distinctive break from previous devices.

You can download the iPhone version of Colloquy (an IRC client)
from Google Code.

Kanguru’s FireWire “FireFlash” drive now available

Kanguru’s FireFlash drive

Check it out at

Also seen on
the Mac Observer,
and ChipChick.

OCZ’s “first FireWire flash drive EVAR” (announced at CompuTex in June 2007), meanwhile, is nowhere to be seen.

This could actually be fast enough to boot an OS from.

Sizes range from 1 to 8 GB.