Hybrid car sales way up

Toyota Hybrid Sales
March 2007 best month ever for Toyota hybrids


about Toyota hybrids making a dramatic sales jump at the beginning of this year.

Now, it could be that Toyota is doing better compared to its rivals,
but my take is that this reflects growing sales of hybrids overall.

Why the sudden uptick? Hmmm.

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  1. Iain Says:

    Current hybrids are not going far enough. Hybrid SUV’s and hybrid luxury vehicles are a joke.

    Keep the vehicle weight down and tax the hell out of anything that is over 1600 kg. Introduce small displacement diesels with hybrid assist. Plug in hybrids would also be welcome.

    Ban inefficient tire designs (SUV tires) that feature poor rolling resistance and outright poor aerodynamic efficiency.

  2. Iain Says:

    Hybrids will see their fuel economy ratings go down as new, more realistic, economy measurements go into effect.

  3. rae Says:

    Won’t those same realistic measurements also cause other cars’ fuel economy ratings to go down? i.e. Will it have any impact at all on the comparison between hybrid and non-hybrid cars?

  4. Iain Says:

    Idle fuel economy was factored into hybrid results. This artificially boosted the fuel economy figures of hybrid vehicles. Idle has been removed from the new ratings.

  5. rae Says:

    Ah, so non-hybrid cars no longer consume any gas when they idle at stoplights?

  6. Iain Says:

    Me bad. No suggestion of idle for hybrids being a factor. The ratings have been revamped for all automobiles. You can find the revised (US) info here.

    Wow! There are good hybrids and then there are bad hybrids:

    – Honda Civic Hybrid – 42 mpg combined (45 highway)
    – 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 4WD – 26 mpg combined (25 highway)

    While I love the Chrysler SRT-8 its 15 mpg combined is atrocious!

  7. Al Says:

    Hybrids are not the answer when pure EVs can go 100-300 miles per charge. See http://www.physicslablh.com/futureDesign.htm

  8. Jeff K Says:

    This would depend on if you are dreaming, or if you are driving. I would be in the driver category. Also, you’ll never beat Toyota, everything else is garbage, especially pure EV. We haven’t got the electrical generating capacity for such an economy and won’t for 20 years or more.

    In fact, we’re screwed. I will retire to a city with a dense electric-power train network in 20 years and that will be that.

  9. rae Says:

    While everyone going EV is not yet sustainable, certainly the small number of Hybrids would point to a slow rolling out of EVs being a not-bad idea.

    What I really like about the EV concept is that it moves the problem of powering cars to a central location. Instead of many cars needing fuel, and the resulting difficulty switching power sources, you can have centralized plants that can be upgraded. Smaller numbers are easier to deal with.

  10. Debra Zager Says:

    I bought a Toyota Prius in Jan 2007 and after a few weeks I wanted a car with 3 electric batteries. My Prius has one electric battery and a small 4 cylander engine. When I go downhill to work the battery is fully charged 1/3 of the way down Mount Hualalai in Hawaii nei. I get 99 miles to the gallon going downhill and 99 miles to the gallon driving on level roads and between 20 and 26 miles to the gallon going uphill.

    The Prius is quiet and shows me exactly how many mpg I am getting. When I drive to Hilo on 55 mph roads I get from 58 to 99 mpg. It costs me $6.50 to drive 210 miles to Hilo and back again. I now want a hydrogen car because even though I love this car I want to stop producing Carbon Dioxide so I want a hydrogen car that makes water instead of Carbon Dioxide (which has a half life of 100 years. When 1 molecule of gasoline is burned it produces 16 molecules of Carbon Dioxide and I want to cease produing excessive amounts of it)

    When is Toyota coming out with a Hydrogen car?

  11. jok Says:

    Well, if its just a matter of degree, then I vote for Hybrids with an all-EV switch and larger batteries. Also, I find it very painful to read about the large number of coal-fired electric plants being built in China. If they go EV, what have we done to the environment?

    In the dreaming department, it would be nice if solar became big, because while at work in California, say, you could charge up your Hybrid/EV or pure-EV batteries while the sun is up (possibly taking advantage of all the solar power plants that could possibly be build economically). Heck, or even cover the roof of the office in panels, etc. etc.

  12. rae Says:

    “Carbon Dioxide has a half life of 100 years”

    Um, no, not unless it’s from a nuclear reactor. Or are you referring to some other, ecological definition of “half-life”?

    Also to be kept in mind is how much carbon you’re producing when your car is built and when it is disposed of. Those batteries don’t grow on trees..

  13. China Tour Says:

    Different point of view from that post. Interesting to say the least.

  14. Band Merchandise Says:

    Why the sudden uptick? may be people have more money to waste fuel.

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