installing wordpress on a Mac using MacPorts

Note to self: when setting up mysql on a Mac using MacPorts (formerly Darwin Ports), install mysql with the following:

% sudo port install mysql5 +server

That bloody little “+server” part was a royal pain in the ass, let me tell you.
I would think that mysql installs would be servers by default.
There should instead be a special “+client” flag to prevent server installation!

Oh, and for some reason, the wp-config.php did not like the host name localhost.
Instead, use

7 Responses to “installing wordpress on a Mac using MacPorts”

  1. Iain Says:

    Sheesh! It’s plain as day! :-)

  2. Garry Schafer Says:

    Hey – just about to do this myself – was trying to install mephisto and apache 2– got all that up and running except for the mongrel_cluster working with apache.

    Now I actually want to install wordpress instead; if I’ve got apache2, mysql5 installed fine, what else do I have to do wtih wordpress?

  3. Juha Says:

    It might be plain as a day, but I still think that there is bug in wordpress port, since it doesn’t install it as a server …

  4. rae Says:

    I am pretty sure Iain was being sarcastic, and was agreeing with me that it was a pain. Thus the smiley at the end :-)

  5. rae Says:

    Oh, and the bug is not with WordPress (which isn’t in MacPorts), it’s with MySQL (which I am using as my WordPress database).

  6. Musicvideos1 Says:

    thanks i was just trying to installing wordpress. its very helpful.

  7. datfore Says:

    godaddy gives simple solution

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