Intel Mac owners – are you running PPC VLC?


VLC is used by many people to play avi’s, especially movies and TV shows.
However, on the Mac there is no “universal binary” version of VLC yet.

We discovered tonight that Iain has been watching movies on his Intel Core Duo-based MacBook using the PPC version of VLC.
Needless to say, this adds a whole layer of performance degredation!

So we copied the Intel version of the most recent
nightly build
and CPU usage dropped dramatically.
Actually, it may have been the other way around (see low CPU usage on Intel, and then try PPC version and see much higher values).

Well, in any case, be sure to use an Intel version of VLC to watch those videos!
Even though it is just a “nightly build”, I’ve found the quality of
the one I got
to be quite high.
No crash or any other problems yet.

(knocks wood)

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3 thoughts on “Intel Mac owners – are you running PPC VLC?”

  1. I got my Mac Pro a few weeks ago and just downloaded VLC for intel off the main page. 0.8.5 for Intel. No nightly build required, by all appearances it is intel-native. So ….. I think you’re mistaken :)

  2. Egad, you’re right. I saw “PowerPC package” on the download page and assumed that was all they had. But if you just scroll down a bit further, it says “Intel package”. So it’s just that they don’t have a universal build.

    It might be a good idea if they added links at the top in big text saying “PowerPC version” and “Intel version”. Or package. Or whatever. :-)

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