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I’ve found a nice, local way to handle the RSS feeds in various sidebars.
I downloaded Feed2JS,
a Free Software PHP script that does the job, and now I run it locally.

Please let me know if this affects the speed with which pages load.
I know it does locally, but I think that’s because of my long-running http issues.

It seems to take a VERY long time for my own web server to respond when I use fully-qualified names like
What I end up doing is creating local shortnames for everything like “tech”, which alias to the internal IP of
(and I’ve configured Apache on tnir to respond to these short names)
and everything is nice and zippy.

I’ll figure it out one day.
But for now that means this change really slows down page loads for anyone inside our firewall.
But not outside.

You can access my copy
of the script, and use it even to build your own RSS feed list.

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