BFG PhysX card on sale in Canada


You **can** get them in Canada!

Iain pointed me to
this BFG page
when he told me I could buy a PhysX card for my PC.
He said it didn’t seem to be available in Canada.

However, if you scroll down the page you will see that they are promoting the following Canadian places to get the BFG PhysX card:

TigerDirect’s price is
which is a bit steep considering it only costs $300 in the US.

Maybe I should get one before I go.
$CDN/$US is currently at 0.9085, so if I buy it here (ignoring costs of converting currency),
it would “only” cost $330 or so.

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  1. Iain Says:

    Damn it Reid, I don’t want to spend any more money on hardware! Why do you tempt me so? :-)

  2. Iain Says:

    Since you happen to be in the State I would not mind if you picked one up for me.

  3. Iain Says:

    I ordered the BFG PhysX card from TigerDirect :(

  4. rae Says:


  5. jok Says:

    Shopping in the US at the moment is a big bonus, the US$ is only 1.10. I got a US$ credit card, so I save an additional 2% in not having to pay the credit card company’s extra fee to convert. (Inter-account transfers are lower by 2% than most credit card exchange rates) and to top it off, I have that money I made/used from buying and selling Apple stock in my US account I can burn on US purchases (and better before the US$ becomes the US penny! — I’ve already lost $500 on my US$ cash holdings (in theory) that I just have sitting in a bank account. I am working quickly to rid myself of them :) Last week at B&H in fact.)

    One of the annual reports from a far east company I have invested in (Taiwan Semiconductor) lost $2 million on its US bond holdings (I’m no accountant, but that’s my reading of the huge chart that was in the report).

  6. Physics Games Says:

    Thank you.

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