Physics Engines

I was somewhat taken aback last night when Iain told me that physics chips for games were no good.
He expanded on this by saying that because the data flows over the PCI bus, it slows everything down.

Now, wouldn’t they be PCI-express cards? Hm.

Today I ran across a Slashdot story titled
Comparing PC Game Physics,
which details how the companies behind the two big physics engines are depating each other’s merits on public forums.

Apparently it started when Havok, the company behind Half-Life 2’s physics engine (I guess it’s a 3rd party library that the Half-Life guys licensed?)
commented on
Ageia’s PhysX card being used in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, which also a Havok game.

Ageia has now
shot back a response.

Interesting goings-on..