Live OS-switching with 3D transitions


Virtue Desktop



Below is the movie I was showing at gaming Friday night.
It shows a Mac running OS X, Windows XP and Red Hat Linux.

Desktop switching is being done with VirtueDesktops,
an awesome workspace-switching program for the Mac (finally!).
Actually, I just installed it after typing the first 5 words of this paragraph, and I am very impressed.
highly recommended.

The OS stuff, however, is being done with
a $40 app similar in some ways to VMWare.

Note that there are performance drawbacks to this software, in that you wouldn’t be able to run 3D games at full speed.
Everything else is pretty much full speed though – MS Office (Mac or Windows version), databases, Excel, etc.
Anything compute-intensive (as opposed to video-intensive) will fly at full speed.

Note also that this consumes other hardware resources for each OS too, like CPU and RAM.

I’m looking forward to getting a quad-core Mac Pro (or whatever awful name they give the new Power Mac) later this year!

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