nVidia HD


basically announced a new driver
that (finally) allows for hardware H.264 accelleration.

ATi has made promises of a similar driver upgrade, but it looks like nVidia beat them to the punch.

What remains to be seen are the driver’s stability, speed and quality.
It won’t do anyone any good if it’s slow, crap quality and crashes a lot, will it?

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  1. iainb Says:

    Not a driver, a decoder. The NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder.

    Back in December ATI released their 5.13 drivers which, when used with the Cyberlink H.264 decoder, offloads H.264 playback onto the GPU.

    ATI’s solution needs an x1800 XL or greater video card to asist with 1080p content. NVIDIA does not specify what the minimum required GPU is for 1080p assist.

  2. iainb Says:

    Frickin NVIDIA!!! As with ATI there is a driver update (beta) that is required to allow H.264 decoding. You still need the decoder which you have to buy!!!

    Why the frack should I have to pay for this! I spend a enough on the damn cards!

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