“L is for Liberal”

er, no that was “L is for Lolita”, no wait, was it “lesbian”, hm, … no .. wait, now I remember! It was “V for Vendetta” I saw last night, right. Tough to remember these things, sometimes…

2 Responses to ““L is for Liberal””

  1. rae Says:

    But not liberal enough. In this interview, Alan Moore — the writer of VforV — relates how he had his name removed from the movie because it turned the original fascism-vs-anarchy plot into a watered-down conservativeAmerica-vs-liberalAmerica plot. So now I’m not sure if I want to see it.

    What did you think of the movie, Jeff? Worth seeing? Wait for DVD? Wait for BitTorrent?

  2. jok Says:

    The movie is for fans of Clockwork Orange, or Brazil and possibly people who hate “The Code” (as in 1950s comics code). Otherwise it’s political-censorship and hero-worship be damned! Full speed ahead! Based on your comments on Steamboy, The Island and the moral nature of “Superman”, I would guess you might want to wait for DVD. The movie has 3 layers. The obvious action layer, 9/11=5/11 SS=fingermen layer, and a 3rd thing about the 6 O’clock news being bunk, party status and some such that I didn’t completely figure out. I will buy it when it hits DVD and watch it one more time then.

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