“L is for Liberal”

er, no that was “L is for Lolita”, no wait, was it “lesbian”, hm, … no .. wait, now I remember! It was “V for Vendetta” I saw last night, right. Tough to remember these things, sometimes…

2 thoughts on ““L is for Liberal””

  1. But not liberal enough. In this interview, Alan Moore — the writer of VforV — relates how he had his name removed from the movie because it turned the original fascism-vs-anarchy plot into a watered-down conservativeAmerica-vs-liberalAmerica plot. So now I’m not sure if I want to see it.

    What did you think of the movie, Jeff? Worth seeing? Wait for DVD? Wait for BitTorrent?

  2. The movie is for fans of Clockwork Orange, or Brazil and possibly people who hate “The Code” (as in 1950s comics code). Otherwise it’s political-censorship and hero-worship be damned! Full speed ahead! Based on your comments on Steamboy, The Island and the moral nature of “Superman”, I would guess you might want to wait for DVD. The movie has 3 layers. The obvious action layer, 9/11=5/11 SS=fingermen layer, and a 3rd thing about the 6 O’clock news being bunk, party status and some such that I didn’t completely figure out. I will buy it when it hits DVD and watch it one more time then.

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