Network Beacon and NoTTL – a bit more akward, but they work

So Zerospan didn’t end up actually working on my G5.
It worked just fine on my PowerBook though.
Oh well, maybe next version.

Network Beacon
My source for what to try was
this MacOSXHints article,
which reommended
Network Beacon
(formerly Rendezvous Beacon), combined with a little hlpe on the server end via
The page was very helpful because it was not at all clear how to use Network Beacon to access shared iTunes.

Now, NoTTL requires using
Unsanity’s Application Enhancer,
which some avoid.
I’ll let you know if I see any instabilities in iTunes because of it (it only affects apps you “attach” it to).

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One thought on “Network Beacon and NoTTL – a bit more akward, but they work”

  1. Actually, Unsanity’s Application Enhancer is only needed if you want to access iTunes over the internet. If it’s just on a LAN, all you need is Network Beacon. I just added Michael’s PC to Network Beacon running on my PowerBook without running anything special on his PC at all and it worked like a charm. So now I’ve uninstalled Application Enhancer and NoTTL. Woo!

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