IPTV & WiMax

Cisco comments on IPTV: It was another hot day on the markets in generel. The buzz on the news-feeds for the stocks in my imaginary portfolio at Yahoo-finance-portfolios seemed to be in the race to get broadband IPTV equipment to market. Nortel (NT.TO) seems to be promoting its efforts — are they on time? The news article calls the area “hotly contested” amoung Alcatel, Cisco/SFA, etc. Personally I’m not as excited since this technology should be delivered to the PC, right? I suppose there must be something behind the scenes in the routers to cut down on the bandwidth usage?

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  1. Peet09 Says:

    http://blastiptv.com has found a way to stream high def video in full screen over a 100kbps bandwidth connection with no buffering or downloading…go figure

    check out their demo…it’s amazing!

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