Collaborative Word Processing on the Web

(there are some wide pics in this post. If there is a blank space below, make your browser window wider)
is an online word processor.
I briefly mentioned it in
an earlier post about AJAX apps.

Writely editor

Along with just editing, it allows you to collaborate on your documents with anyone else.
You hookup to them using their email address.

Writely editor

Here you can see me sharing a document with David Barker.
Assuming he reads his email, that is.

Btw, Apple’s current version of Safari (2.0.3 417.8) is claimed to be unable to use writely.
I think that’s a load of bunk, since Safari jumped way forward not too long ago, and writely just hasn’t had its page updated.
But oh well, you need to use Firefox or Camino or something to access the page normally.
Personally, I used the Debug menu in Safari to masquerade as Mozilla 1.1 and it worked fine.

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  1. rae Says:

    Hah, it was ***so*** interesting that… GOOGLE BOUGHT THEM.

    Yup, looks like Google Office will be coming soon..

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