Underrated movies

Take 1 part Blade Runner, 2 parts Logan’s run, a pinch of Coma, a dash of the Matrix, throw in a page from the short story “The Lottery”, fool all of the critics, have 3 climaxes and what have you got? “The Island” in HD on Roger’s pay-per-view. Its apparently based on a movie called “Clonus”, but is much more. You have been satirized…

Another is “Transporter 2” a Superman flick, confined to the same pit as “Last Action Hero”, for the same reasons.

Can you tell I like movies with chase sequences? Well whatever, criticize me if you like.

Don’t forget to get “Time Tunnel” (1966) on DVD, released last week. Seems a bit cliched after all these years, but its a gorgeous pressing (don’t ask — Japanese term).