Amazon to sell movie downloads

This AppleInsider article
talks about Amazon selling movies and allowing users to download them.
But on further reading, it sounds more like users will be able to buy the DVD and get free streamed copies.


I wish someone would sell me high-quality, downloadable movies and TV shows.
iTunes shows are 320×240, which while passable I don’t consider worth the $2 they charge per show.
A DVD-quality episode right now costs around $4 (the 13-spisode first season of Battlestar Galactica is around $50).
I would expect a downloaded, compressed 640×480 show (i.e. what I can get with BitTorrent) to be around $2.
For something as poor in quality as iTunes, it should be more like $1.

Of course, with downloads, there is the opportunity to make HD versions available.
But that would take a serious amount of either time or bandwidth.
Now, broadband is due for a 10x upgrade over the next few years (by e.g. moving to recent
DOCSIS standards)
so perhaps downloadable HD isn’t all that far out of reach.