Pixar takes over Disney

A Steve Jobs company and another, bigger company in the same business have swapped stock and are becoming one company.
Team members of Jobs’ company are taking leadership positions in the bigger company.

Does this sound familiar?
It should.
It’s what happened with NeXT and Apple, and now is happening again with Pixar and Disney.

My prediction?
Steve Jobs becomes CEO of Disney within 2 years.

There is something strange about how one guy can be in control of two big companies like this.
And make no mistake, being the biggest sharehold of Disney means Steve will exert control right away, even if he isn’t CEO yet.
As a test, let’s see how long it takes for Disney to move over to using WebObjects instead of go.com, who they’re using now.

Now, how does Steve get Disney and Apple working together?
Although he may have control of both companies, they have different shareholders.
Does he have enough “political will” as it were to push through his ideas?
I like to think so.
The video media market needs a shakedown, like what happened with the iTunes Music Store.
It will probably be the same iTunes Music Store.
Maybe they should rename it the iTunes Media Store.
In which case it should be iMedia, not iTunes.

Having all of ABC’s and Disney’s stuff available online (heopfully in full HD resolution) would put a cork in the BitTorrent bottle.
Right now people download “HR” high-res shows from BitTorrent that are about 9 times higher resolution than current 320×240 iTunes offerings.
Even these 950-wide DiVX files are not full HD though.
If they could offer full 1080 files, they would be all set to rake in the dough.