Telescope in Toronto

What with global warming and all, last night was a nice warm clear night in January here in Toronto. Saturn is still visible and looks pretty good. Mars was out too. My elder daughter had some friends over, and one of the girls, about 10, who seemed to have been slightly traumatized by the movie “War of the Worlds”, ran screaming when the telescope started to make noise while slewing from Saturn to Mars. I had the tripod it was on up pretty high and the telescope is an SCT so I guess it could look a bit like a war-of-the-worlds tripod. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned “Mars”? Later they scurried back into the house saying, “Wasn’t that cool?”. I’m still not sure if they meant that they had seen Mars, or that a neighbour has a working war-of-the-worlds tripod.

Well whatever, get out and have a look at the Pleiades, Mars, Saturn, Andromeda. They should all be easy to see at a decent hour of the evening with a small scope.