MacBook Pro

So Apple released the MacBook Pro yesterday.
Despite the Reality Distortion Field (RDF) being in full force, it’s pretty clear that
the new machines aren’t *that* much faster
than the old ones.
Being a purchaser of probably the last new PowerBook model ever made (17″ 1.67 GHz G4 PowerBook with 1680×1050 widescreen display),
I was obviously wondering just how obsolete my new hardware was going to become in the space of a few weeks.

Now, given that I *knew* the new hardware was coming (well, okay it was only a Very Strong Rumour), why did I get an “old model” PowerBook?
The main answer is that, as all contractors know, the end of the year is the best time to buy hardware.
Apart from that though, I frankly needed one since my new job entails travelling back and forth to San Francisco.

Overall, I am still happy with the purchase.
Tom Yeager points out,
those benchmarks are way skewed (they were multi-threaded benchmarks, which immediately gives dual core machines a 2x boost),
so I still don’t know how much faster the new machines really are.
Also, with the lack of Universal Binaries (that’s Mac-ese for apps that are compiled natively for Intel), a lot of stuff I have would be running under eulation anyway.

Plus I have a 17″, and they only released a 15″, so nyahhh! :-D

I am saddened by the lack of FireWire 800 (good for grabbing HD video from cameras) – they only have a FireWire 400 port instead.
Also bad is that the DVD burner is not DL.
The card slot is now ExpressCard/34 instead of PCMCIA.
Not sure if that is good or not.

I think it’s pretty cool of Apple to
replace all those $999 developer Intel boxes with new Intel-based iMacs.
That $999 now looks like a wise investment instead of an exorbitant rental fee.

Apple announces creation of Boat Anchors 6 months ahead of schedule

In a surprise move, Apple announced that all owners of Mac Equipment were a minimum of 2x times slower and up to 5 times slower than technology to ship in February. Analysts were impressed, as the anchors will flood the market in time for the yacht-purchasing season in the spring, when they can unload their ballooning stock and convert it to physical assets. Said one analyst, “Yeah, with yachts running $600k, a nice G4 anchor for $5 sure cuts down on the cost of accessories.”. Said another, “Yeah that slick white veneer on my G4 Powerbook sure makes it hard for the zebra mussels to foul it.”

Hopefully that’s funny. Everyone knows new tech is always around the corner. Reid, I honestly can’t remember what kind of laptop you bought recently. Expense it, let the government take the hit. I’m sure the new stuff will be expensive and you needed your stuff when you did, yada yada yada…