TextMate – wild text editor of-the-moment

textmate diffs

TextMate editing the output of diff, which it recognized automatically, despite a filename extension of “.txt”.
Click on picture for larger version.

Every so often an app comes along that simaply becomes the new standard.
And to become the new standard text editor, well, BBEdit had big shoes to fill.
But fill them TextMate does, and more.

To be honest, TextMate has depths I have yet to plumb.
It is highly extendable through many paths; e.g.: shell scripts to automate functions, XML descriptions for syntad hilighting, and regular expressions for pwoerful search-replace built-ins.

The killer feature for me (given basic BBEdit-level text editing) was tabbed editing of directory trees.
Bu then, as I typed certain sequences (like “[“), I noticed TextMate doing extra work for me.
I found this annoying at first — and in certain situations, I still do — but I was able to *let* TextMate help me after a little while.

When I found column selection and editing, I was sold.
I clicked on the “Register” link an plunked down my €40, and haven’t looked back yada yada yada.
I’m very happy.

.. and discovering new feature with alarming regularity!

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