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This is an expanded version of my posting to ReidNews. It really belongs here, not there.

google movies
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I was trying out Google’s home page when I noticed they had something called “Movies”.
I checked it out and found two interesting links:
movie theatres near my house
movies showing near my house
(it’s the same info, sorted by movie instead of theatre.

Note that if you see a showtime listed in blue (i.e. it’s a link) it will let you buy your tickets online.
I don’t see *any* in blue, so I am guessing that Google’s ticket provider,
does not operate in Canada. Or at least near my house in Canada.

For our movie planning, we’ve been using
Eye’s film listings,
but maybe next time we’ll give Google a shot.
They collect reviews from various film critics on the ‘Net and translate them all to X-out-of-five-star-ratings.

Andrew points out that Rotten Tomatoes also collects reviews from newspapers and web reviewers.
It seems that some people think that this new Google capability is going to really hurt sites like Rotten Tomatoes, though.

Google also has a “movie:” keyword that lets you search through movies. Here is The Matrix, for example. You can also search for people in the movies, e.g. Akira Kurosawa.

As well, you can search for local theatres directly from the normal Google page by typing the prefix “movie:”, “theatres”, and your zip/postal code. e.g. “movie: theatres M1e1e1″. If you want to see nearby movies, it would be “movie: movies M1e1e1″.

More in-depth information on how exactly Google is doing this (via Tribune Media Services and CinemaSource) is available on
The Internet Stock Blog.

By the way, I noticed that Google has a University of Toronto search page in their huge list of university-specific search pages.

And we won’t even talk about Google SMS.

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2 thoughts on “Google and movies”

  1. The movie listings don’t include the theatre closest to my house (Rainbow Fairview), but they do include Rainbow Thornhill, so it’s not that they don’t list Rainbow Cinemas.

    That’s the thing about all these new google services; they rely on third-party data providers, and have no mechanism for resolving accuracy issues like this.

    If you want movie listings, check out; much more *accurate*, and a local service. (Shop locally! :-)

  2. I went to and clicked on “Pride and Prejudice” because it looks interesting. I get a page with some info about the movie (pretty much same as IMDB’s info, and tons of annoying banners and no easy way to find otu where it’s playing near my place.

    I would say that both and Google win in terms of usability and clean interface-ness. :-)

    As for inclusivity, Google lists a lot more theatres near me than Tribute.

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