Hybrid Update

Are you ready for $1.75/L gasoline? Hurricane Rita is set to make Katrina look like a cake-walk in trying to get refineries back online after it passes. Anyway, our hybrid Highlander has settled into about 8L/100km now that it is mostly used for commuting and shopping. This is because I decided that since the highway performance was lowering my average, I wouldn’t waste by exposing it to wear and tear, and we use our car for long highway drives when possible. The car makers are all getting set to ramp up hybrid production: Google for hybrid news

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  1. jok Says:

    From the things-that-make-you-say “uh-oh” department: Sept. 26, Newsweek, page 32 [published before Rita]: “…$700 billion deficit… We’ll muddle through … Katrina. But one day, we’ll have one Katrina … too many. …it’s going to be devastating.”. Start the countdown at T minus 48 hours on my mark. mark.

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