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For a gas, I installed Windows XP64. Some things actually work! Whoa. Firefox is okay, Drivers from nVidia, always on top of their game work fine. CNN videos are okay, but both Media Player 10 and Winamp can’t seem to grok DV or .mpeg codecs. Oh well, I knew I would need dual boot for a while.

Update: I made an error by installing XP64 before XP home. Now I’m busy installing XP64 for the 3rd time.

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  1. jok Says:

    Phew. It is done. “Virtual Dub” converted for MPEG2 can edit HDV with a variety of filters, including deinterlacing of various types and loads of others e.g. convert to B&W. It’s hard to believe but an Athlon 64 X2 dual core 4200+ under Win XP64 just keeps up with HDV, but Virtual Dub is not using the 2nd core or 64 bits so that’s how it goes. I presume commercial software would work better. I suppose I could be stacking astro photos at the same time. I will analyse it later, I am too tired — anyway, XP64 can capture HDV just the same as XP SP2 (using a freeware HDVCapture utility prior to playing with the video in Virtual Dub). Anyway, the full frame is 1440 x 1080i. Hm, maybe I’ll tweak the sources for dual-core & 64 bit… if I don’t faint first. :)

  2. rae Says:

    Is this the Virtual Dub you were referring to?

    Cool. When we were using iMovie HD on my Mac it was two 2 GHz G5’s, and I’m pretty sure both were being used, but I don’t know if it was as 64-bit CPUs (which they are) or as 32-bit CPUs. The OS only recently added 64-bit APIs, so perhaps an iMovie HD update will speed things up?

    Anyone know if iMovie HD does de-interlacing? Or is that Final Cut Pro territory?

  3. Jeff K Says:

    The whole how-to I used is at The Virtual Dub converted for MPEGZ2 is here: and capDVHS to capture the stream from the camera is here: presumably there’s an official source somewhere else for CapDVHS.

  4. jok Says:

    As I slowly re-install software on the system, my DVD player & .mpeg player started working on XP64 after I re-installed some freeware/shareware movie making software. Virtual Dub whined about the new codecs as unsupported, but I guess all that means is that I just use them for DVDs & .mpeg playing and stick to the official stuff for editing HDV/DV and such.

  5. jok Says:

    As a comparison, I can boot XP64 on the Athlon 64 X2 4200+ & start Starry Night Pro 5.0 in less time than simply loading Starry Night Pro on Win 2K (Athlon 64 3200+). I find the Win 2K boot to be fairly long.

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