SVGA connectors going away?

Well, that’s how I read
this article
X-bit labs.
The VESA organization has a new thing called “DisplayPort”.
Here’s a quote:

the [Displayport] specification will accelerate the adoption of protected digital outputs on PCs to broadly support viewing of high definition and other types of protected content through an optional content protection capability, while enabling higher levels of display performance

Hm, “content protection”.
That sounds ominous.

I predict “protection-free” monitors on the grey market,
just like “region-free” DVD players are now.

3 Responses to “SVGA connectors going away?”

  1. iainb Says:

    Content protection is already here. Most HDTV’s should be able to handle HDCP ( over HDMI. Not sure about HDCP over DVI.

    The big problem is that every single computer monitor currently available/in use does not support HDCP and therefore cannot display HDCP content. We will all have to buy new monitors!

  2. jok Says:

    Fortunately, all creators of encyption schemes (throughout time) are morons. From :

    The authors conclude, “HDCP’s linear key exchange is a fundamental weaknesses. We can:

    * Eavesdrop on any data
    * Clone any device with only their public key
    * Avoid any blacklist on devices
    * Create new device keyvectors.
    * In aggregate, we can usurp the authority completely.”

  3. Roman Shades Says:


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