Mac version of Star Wars Battlefront

Yay, it’s out!
Ronnie, Michael and I have been playing this on the PC for the last little while and it’s quite addictive.
It’s not the most recent game, and the 3D is pretty good, although not up to today’s standards (i.e. it will look much the same on a $75 video card and a $700 video card).

Now to find someone in Toronto who stocks it!

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  1. David Brake Says:

    Hey let me know if a) it plays with good FPS (I have a 1.2Ghz iBook) and b) if there are lots of multiplayer opponents around (I believe the multiplayer is Mac only)

  2. rae Says:

    Um, no, multiplayer is Mac and PC.

    I just played my first online Mac game, and there were issues. Firstly, my sound seems to have gone out of whack. All weapon-realted sounds are turned way, way down. When I set up at first, I played with the sound controls, but now I have them all at 100%, but still very muted weapons and walking/explosion sounds. The ambient sound and walkie-talkie sound are fine, at 100%.

    Typing for player-to-player chats has lots of problems. Only about 1/2 of my typed characters were getting through. I had to re-type things many, many times.

    I was very disappointed that the multiplayer host/join functionality isn’t even in the game at all; it’s all handled by an external app (that you have to download yourself and install, albeit with handy URLs) called GaemRanger. Now, GameRanger is a fine app, but really, this is LucasArts, and I expected something better. Maybe like what the PC version has? Okay, it uses 3rd-party GameSpy code, but at least it’s all in-game!

    Hopefully there will be a patch soon for all the problems.. :-( Meanwhile it’s back to my PC version for now.

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