Intelligent Design

The Onion has a satire called
“Intelligent Falling”

Anyway, here’s some food for thought: what exactly is
Yep, one of them thar things that make yers go “hmm”, especially if you saw the clever animations on the
July 26, 2005 Nova episode

4 Responses to “Intelligent Design”

  1. rae Says:

    Isn’t it great how something that makes no predictions and makes no postulates that can be tested is called a “science”? Decline and Fall of the American Theocracy, indeed.

  2. aiabx Says:

    Ooh! I saw those red flag words and came charging over for a fight but.. there’s no one here to fight with.

    How about that Flying Spaghetti Monster, huh?

  3. rae Says:

    Sorry to disappoint. :-)

  4. jok Says:

    RAmen, you slurp. :)

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