Blade Runner-like Image Enhancement

Enhance nighttime camcorder image
While playing with some astronomical programs like
a rather buggy piece of free-ware (there are commercial programs that do this too),
I was surprised to find how easy it was to do some image-enhancement magic.
The image above (seen in full here:
TFS on Bloor viaduct)
was shot at night with an older NTSC camcorder that was presenting a lot of CCD noise in the image and there were cars driving back and forth through the frame and there was a bit of camera shake because I zoomed in a bit.

I captured the DV stream on my PC, then used Virtual Dub to select out about 40 or 50 frames that didn’t have much motion,
deinterlaced it and then fed that to registax, and after a few seconds, all of the CCD noise, darkness, moving cars and camera shake disappeared just like magic.
Well, okay, its surprising the first time you do it anyway.

[edited a bit by rae; hope that’s okay, Jeff]