Highlander Hybrid Update

Hybrid Synergy Drive
Just this past weekend and here:
“Highlander Test Drive”
people have said that it will take a long time for a hybrid to pay for itself.
Well in May, when gas was 30% cheaper, the math was different, but as I told the salesman then, gas prices were not flat, they were rising.
The current math for the hybrid is, assuming that the $5000 in hybrid equipment keeps about $2500 in value (and why wouldn’t it be more now?), is:
break-even in 2.5 years at 20,000km/year assuming you’re going from a 13L/100km SUV to 8L/100km for your driving.
It’s amazing what a few *days* of gas price hikes can do to this equation.
It seems to be big news — National Post even mentioned the Highlander Hybrid in the continuation (p5?) of a front-page story today.
Anyway, a hybrid won’t help you on an open highway, so your mileage may vary.