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Windows Text Editors

Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

The topic of text editors came up recently
on a mailing list I’m on
and a few Windows editors were mentioned.
I thought I would mention them here to see if people had tried them or had opinions about them.

Highlander Hybrid Update

Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

Hybrid Synergy Drive
Just this past weekend and here:
“Highlander Test Drive”
people have said that it will take a long time for a hybrid to pay for itself.
Well in May, when gas was 30% cheaper, the math was different, but as I told the salesman then, gas prices were not flat, they were rising.
The current math for the hybrid is, assuming that the $5000 in hybrid equipment keeps about $2500 in value (and why wouldn’t it be more now?), is:
break-even in 2.5 years at 20,000km/year assuming you’re going from a 13L/100km SUV to 8L/100km for your driving.
It’s amazing what a few *days* of gas price hikes can do to this equation.
It seems to be big news — National Post even mentioned the Highlander Hybrid in the continuation (p5?) of a front-page story today.
Anyway, a hybrid won’t help you on an open highway, so your mileage may vary.