5 thoughts on “RedShift Now: the Ontario Science Centre Podcast”

  1. Sounded like a good concept, but oh Lord, they don’t know the difference between creationism and intelligent design. I hope they do better later. Thanks for the link, and I will follow them, perhaps. Last time I went to the science center though, it had been overrun by left-liberal displays. IMHO, your mileage may very, click “Agree” to agree to my terms etc.

  2. Er, the title of one of the episodes has the word “Creationism” in it: http://redshiftnow.ca/report/02.RedShiftReport.mp3
    The whole show seemed like about 3 minutes tops. Creationism is mentioned as about the 4th word in the show as he announces the title, and then off they go to criticize a movie somehow shown at the Smithsonian on Intelliegent design. My sound bar shows about 1/7th the way in, or about 20 seconds or so, I think.

    On slashdot, the “China Takes Science Crown” discussion immediately fell into criticising creationists with political agendas for causing public schooling problems in science:

    Since I was 4 years old, I’ve never accepted arguments on authority alone. It would have taken a very thick strap to change that. Presumably that’s how they do it in countries other than Canada. So any arguments based on faith or authority don’t excite me. So I thus have faith that my children would not be unduely swayed away from scientific principles by examining evidence of design. :)

    Anyway, id & creationism are vastly different pages on wikipedia. Anyone who tells you otherwise is blind, stupid or a liar. This would seem to include the entire scientific community, possibly due to the politicization of the issue in the U.S.

    I like reading about this issue and I’m the ultimate skeptic, Skeptic and SKEPTIC. Go figure.

  3. Hi – I’m Ken – host of the RedShift Report.

    rae – “Does creationism have any place in a publicly funded museum?” is the subject of the entire second episode. It, as with other episodes, is only a few minutes long: http://www.redshiftnow.ca/report/02.RedShiftReport.mp3

    jok – If you think we’ve really got it wrong, why not write in to webmaster@osc.on.ca with your feedback? If nothing else, be assured it’ll at least reach the desks of Kevin and Hooley, guests on that episode. We’re “overrun by left-liberal displays”? Not sure what you mean there… but again, feel free to send comments. We don’t always catch ’em when they appear on blogs (the internet is a big place to keep an eye on), but we certainly *do* pay attention to our inbox.

    Cheers – and thanks for listening!

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