LG LDA-530 DVD/DivX player

I recently bought a new DVD player, which is usually no big deal these days.
They’re pretty cheap and pretty much interchangeable.
Well, except for those recent players I took back that couldn’t play my Pan&Scan Spider-Man 1 DVD.

I bought myself an
LG LDA-530,
which has the interesting feature of being able to play DivX AVI files burned to data CDs or DVDs.
I got it for $99 at Future Shop.

At first I had heard about cheap ($80-$100) DVD players that could play AVI’s being on sale at Best Buy.
But they only had Philips and JVC models.
This was disconcerting, since when I checked up on those models on
there was a definite feeling that the LG model was superior to the other two models.
Thus I searched and found it at Future Shop.

I have to say, I am very impressed with this thing.
All those DVDs of TV shows are now suddenly playable in my living room!
Ya, okay, I really hsould have the Media Box in there, but this is an inexpensive, excellent stand-in.
My friend Scott was so impressed, he went home and bought two units for his house.
He ICQ’ed me to let me know he is really happy with them.

What can I say?
“Highly recommended”.

Oh, btw, there is an
model coming out very soon that does HD-DivX, which I’ve never heard of.
No idea how good it is, but hey, it should let you break the 640×480 barrier.
Maybe I could play all those 100MB 1080[i/p?] trailers I have downloaded..

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33 thoughts on “LG LDA-530 DVD/DivX player”

  1. The LDA-531 has a region-free CD for it. Gee. Oh, and while we’re on this topic, Pinnacle sells a little box that can capture Hi-Def from component video (so they say). Only $1000. :) Dual 3Ghz system recommended (they say). You could beat the studios and pirates to market with HD-Divx on DVD-R’s, well by open-sourcing instructions on how to capture content onto said DVDs, I mean, I believe at least that part is legal.

  2. I have to say that this is the best DVD Divx/Xvid & even yes 3ivx player ever !!!
    I have had it since it was released. 1000% satisfied ! It has played every dvd, every dvd-r/dvd+r, every vcd/svcd, every avi, every Divx (even the newest divx 6) every Xvid, every 3ivx ***(The 3ivx decoder plays back most MPEG-4 files (including MP4, M4A, 3GP and MOV files) with MPEG-4 AAC Audio and MPEG-4 Video (such as DivX 3, 4 and 5, Apple MPEG-4, Philips MPEG-4 and XviD) using Windows Media Player or other compatible players.)***
    DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.free-codecs.com/download_soft.php?d=28&s=44
    INFO HERE: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/3ivx.htm

    … plus Every NTSC dvd & every PAL dvd that I have thrown at it.

    Just an all around awesome player & If anyone is considering looking for a Divx dvd player BUT … wants a cheaper player DON’T bother… this is less than $100 Canadian & if you plan on buying one for less you will regret it later when yours doesn’t play everything you want it to (even when the manual says it should) ;o)

    So this be warned this is the BEST Divx/Xvid/3ivx dvd player around… LG is best thus far… period!


  3. As opposed to PaT, I have found files it will not play. I would hope that a firmware upgrade will eventually show up to support DiVX format updates, bug fixes, etc. Perhaps even third-party updates if LG doesn’t support the player. One would hope that the DiVX code updates would be shared between this player and the HD player.

  4. Ian: I don’t know of anyone who has tried multi-session discs. I’m not even sure how to make one! Note that I use a Mac and Toast to burn just about all my DVDs.

  5. Btw, I too bought an LG DVD player, only I bought the recorder version. I’ve been using it to archive my PVR-captured documentaries. That crazy Startrek parody (xvid) plays nicely after being burned to a DVD+RW and looks good on the big screen too, but it’s not perfect. Every couple of minutes there’s a frame-drop. The player did not recognize an mpeg-2 I gave to it. The instruction book says divx only, and they have to be in “.avi” files. I believe my attempt to play mpeg4’s also failed, but I wonder if that was just because I renamed them to “.mp4” from “.avi”. I should go back and fix that up and report back.

  6. I’ve only tried MPEG 1 and 2, and they seem to play fine. They both had “.mpg” extensions. I know it does check for extensions because I accidentally had a file that had the “.” in front of the avi missing and it didn’t list it.

  7. I have a Philips DVP 642 right now and the main drawback with it is that the filenames display only the first 11 characters. I’ve heard many good things about the LG LDA-530, except I can’t find any information on how many characters it displays for filenames. Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

  8. Well Rae, it’s great that you found the mult-region hack for LG’s LDA 530, but what exactly is it and how can I get it? There has been so many postings on the internet saying they got the hack but nothing is said more about it. The other postings were simply people like myself who asked if anyone knew about them. So by the way, did it work for you since the last time you posted that msg?

  9. Hi Rae,

    Could you please post the link/directions for the LDA-530 hack. Sharon isn’t the only one that has struggles trying to find it without success. Since you mentioned you downloaded is, is it some kind of software you have to burn then run on your player? Thanx

  10. I had this player for a couple of months now, and I’ve had no problems – until last night. I just installed a DVD burner on my desktop PC(LG GSA-4167B, you can see all the specs here: http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=14976 ).
    I put in a blank Fujifilm DVD+R into my new drive. I opened “my computer”, and dragged and dropped 4 .avi movies to my E drive (my new burner), and I got the message that the disk needs to be formatted before it can be burned, so I did that. Than I dropped the files in again. After that I took the DVD and put it in my player, I got the message: disk error. I thought it was maybe cause I didn’t finalize the disk (or Make Compatible), so I put it back in the drive, and did that too. I tried playing it again, but got the same error msg. I thought it should play DVD data CDs, just like regular data CDs…
    Here’s all the tech specs about the player: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers.php?DVDnameid=5647&Search=Search&
    It should play DVD+Rs..
    Could somebody please help? I’m a total newbie…

  11. Ya, i’ve been using Toast on the Mac and Nero on the PC to burn DVD-R’s, DVD+R’s and DVD-RW’s (as data DVDs) and have had no problems. Well, except fpr the Mac-burned DVD’s – turns out the drive is going out of alignment or something, so only the first ~3.5 GB is readable (I’ve just bought a new Pioneer DVR-110D to replace the old Pioneer DVR-106D).

    So I agree with Jeff and Iain here, and would guess that your method of burning DVDs is definitely the weak point.

  12. Problem Im having is with images. Burn the images to disk, then they play perfectly up until the final 1/3 of the disc. DVD images. Play fine on the computer, start freezing up and skipping parts after about an hour. I havent tried extracting the image and then burning yet, that is my next step. Anyone have any ideas what might be wrong? Using nero at 4X, just burn the image straight to dvd.

  13. I have the same problems with discs burned on my G5. The DVD burner is out of alignment. My temporary solution is to burn using my PowerBook instead; my long-term solution is to install a new Pioneer 110D ($53), which is sitting on my desk.

    The problem is, as soon as I install the new drivein the G5, I will have a potentially large amount of unreadable data. (Note: the out-of-alignment DVD burner can read them just fine — it’s just other drives that can’t). I’m thinking of putting the out-of-whack burner in an external enclosure for this exact reason.

    I guess at some point I will need to test all my DVDs to see when they started to go bad. :-(

  14. I have two issues: 3ivx and the program code
    1) I wish to program the code for the LDA-530 into my Sony’s remote. What is the code?

    2) My player won’t even recognize the .3ivx extension. I tried renaming it to .avi but it just skips to the next movie on the list. I have tried three different movies from different sources. Any advice on this? Are other players recognizing the .3ivx extension?

  15. Hi,

    I just wanted to note that the LG 531 does play multi-session disks just fine (at least the one’s made using nero) . This is really a great divx/dvd player. Way better than the Philips 642 (but to be fair that is an older model). I didn’t know it played .mov and all the various mp4 versions out there. Do you need the latest firmware upgrade for that?

    One nice aspect to the 531 (and I assume the 530) is that it supports long filenames.


  16. pmcd – Do you recall offhand what format you burned the disk with when you tried multisession? ISO-9660? UDF? Also, was it a CD-ROM,RW or DVD-ROM,RW? I tried on a DVD-RW formatted with UDF (using Nero) and had no luck – the player did not see anything in the second session. I’m about to try the firmware update – maybe that’ll help.


  17. I bought an open box LDA-530 sans remote for cheap. I got it to work more or less with my Bell Expressvu remote (the one that comes with the model 6100 HD receiver – same as Dish, as far as I know). I used the aux setting, code 1-119 (you have to put the extra 1 when programming the aux key). It plays divx avi files and allows me to select, play, skip and pause, but no setup menus. It is hard to find remote codes for this unit! Apparently they are the same as Zenith, but I could not get Zenith codes to work well.

    Playing back some avi files of a favourite TV show, I found that the video quality was better with zoom player on my pc than with the default 480i output from the LDA-530. Also, the audio was out of sync on the LG, but just fine with zoom player, even when playing the same file from the dvd. So until I can borrow a real remote from a friend who has a couple of LDA-530s, I’ll stick with zoom palyer. -mikeH

  18. Well Mike, one thing I absolutely needed the setup menu for was to set the player to be in widescreen mode for my HDTV. If you have a standard 4:3 TV you should be okay for that.

    As for the quality, I would say I haven’t really noticed much of a difference. I am comparing VLC to the LG though, and have never used zoom player.

    How cheap was the player? Around xmas time Future Shop was selling the LGA 530 for $70, and the LGA 531 for $130. I grabbed a 531 at the time. Of course now they are back to their higher prices of $90 and $200.

  19. Hi,

    Yes, I put several divx files on a DVD+RW (have also used DVD-RW) over several sessions. I just used Nero and ISO-9660 (not UDF as all the files were under 2gig). I haven’t tried it on my Mac yet with Toast.

    I am still trying to get a region free “hack” for the player. There seems to be one around that you put on a CD and then enter 0 but I can’t seem to get an feedback on it. The Pause, 3,1,4,1,5,9 trick doesn’t work with my 531 (perhaps it’s the latest firmware that stops that. Also, before upgrading to the latest firmware I seem to recall the player playing .wmv files. Now it doesn’t (also won’t play a .mp4 file). Wish I could go back but perhaps it’s a faulty memory :)


  20. Hi, I’m still using my LDA 530 religiously. Lately I’ve noticed some problems though. I have been having some problems with skipping/syncing on Divx files. Is there a firmware upgrade that will work to add new codecs or something (i.e. the DVDs work on my computer LG player fine). I’ve also seen that the player can cause my amp to turn off, which I logically thought was a problem with the receiver until I read a post that this happened to someone else. FYI-I’ve already used the multi-region hack. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx.


  21. I haven’t seen any firmware upgrades.

    One thing I will mention is that I’ve found that burned DVD’s “wear out” after a while. I burned all 6 episodes of Pride & Prejudice onto a DVD and Luisa watched it just about every night for a few weeks. The disc stopped playing properly, so I burned another, which lasted another few weeks.

    I think they were both DVD+R — I’ve heard DVD-R is better at long-term storage. Anyone else?

  22. I couldn’t open the URL either…

    I bought my LG-530 in Canada and brought it to Brazil. Although a brazilian LG’s technician tryied to release the Region code, it still does not read Region 4. Would someone know how to make it region free???

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