Pool Party HD clip

click to see a 1920×1080 still from the HD clip

Jeff K brough along his brand-spanking new Sony HD camcorder to the pool party.
I used iMovie HD to produce
this 1’41” clip of 1080i HD video.
It’s 100 MB, and is encoded in H.264 at 8,233 kbits/sec.

I gotta say, that is one sweet camera.
I managed to impress Jeff a little I think when I connected the camera to my Mac and proceeded to edit video.
He was a bit less impressed when iMovie took over an hour to compress the video to mp4.
As it turned out, however, I was compressing it way, way down to something like 240 pixels wide!
Later, when I kept it full-sized it was a bit faster.
But still, encoding 1080i is not the fastest task, even on my G5.

I did notice a few interlace artifacts when playing the clip back on my computer.
You can see it in the full-sized version of the still above if you look at my pointing finger.
I guess H.264 doesn’t de-interlace on its own or anything?