LG LDA-530 DVD/DivX player

I recently bought a new DVD player, which is usually no big deal these days.
They’re pretty cheap and pretty much interchangeable.
Well, except for those recent players I took back that couldn’t play my Pan&Scan Spider-Man 1 DVD.

I bought myself an
LG LDA-530,
which has the interesting feature of being able to play DivX AVI files burned to data CDs or DVDs.
I got it for $99 at Future Shop.

At first I had heard about cheap ($80-$100) DVD players that could play AVI’s being on sale at Best Buy.
But they only had Philips and JVC models.
This was disconcerting, since when I checked up on those models on
there was a definite feeling that the LG model was superior to the other two models.
Thus I searched and found it at Future Shop.

I have to say, I am very impressed with this thing.
All those DVDs of TV shows are now suddenly playable in my living room!
Ya, okay, I really hsould have the Media Box in there, but this is an inexpensive, excellent stand-in.
My friend Scott was so impressed, he went home and bought two units for his house.
He ICQ’ed me to let me know he is really happy with them.

What can I say?
“Highly recommended”.

Oh, btw, there is an
model coming out very soon that does HD-DivX, which I’ve never heard of.
No idea how good it is, but hey, it should let you break the 640×480 barrier.
Maybe I could play all those 100MB 1080[i/p?] trailers I have downloaded..