Intel’s Dual-Core Chips to be Unveiled in Q2!

Ya, ya, another Xbitlabs pimp.
Intel Accelerates Dual-Core Introduction, Extends Reach.
But this story also came from
I’m happy to hear anything about accellerating technology, because we’re into our 5th year of the 4 GHz barrier now and it’s all feeling a bit stale.

Is it just my perception that things were exceiting when Intel and AMD raced each other, with AMD breaking 1 GHz first, but then Intel screaming past 2 and 3 GHz in fairly short order, and then … nothing?
AMD did release a “4000+” part, but somehow it didn’t seem *real*.
Not sure why.
Ya, I know it isn’t actually running at 4GHz, but it is supposed to be “as fast” as a P4 running that fast.

Ah well.