New Coolest Digital Camera

After I broke my Nikon 880 (3 megapixel) camera in Mexico, I’ve had trouble getting it properly repaired, that is to say, it doesn’t work. So I looked around and the SONY ultra-compact 7.1 megapixel DSCP150 strikes me as the best replacement at the moment:

4 thoughts on “New Coolest Digital Camera”

  1. But would you actually pay $700 for it? Or would you find a better deal somewhere, given that that’s list price. Maybe closer to $550 or something?

  2. Well, really you’d have to go down to 5.1MP to get into the sub-$500 range: DSC-P100 (see the Future Shop site, I lost the URL somewhere) With my experience with the Nikon D70, however, I’d have to say the more megapixels the merrier, as I like to print some shots very large, and also enjoy cropping photos. A 2MP $250 job that’s about as big as a pocket knife would work well for web-only work and is high on coolness too, however the bottom line is yes, I plan to buy the 7.2MP camera because even just zooming in on the photos on the computer can be interesting.

  3. Actually, my question was really more about suggested retail price versus street price. How much do you expect it will actually cost to get the camera?

  4. oic. Generally with certain manufacturers like Nikon & Sony, the retailers don’t like to give discounts [read: they signed a contract] on them directly. You might save $50 by asking them to give you 50% off a battery or some such. B&H usually gives a good idea of the lower limit of the street price, however.

    This is all IMHO, of course.

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