In anticipation of the iTunes for Windows launch I brought my iPod into work (W2K systems). After installing iTunes on the PeeCee I connected my iPod via my USB 2.0 cable. The system recognized the iPod but iTunes said I would have to install the iPod software before it would deal with the iPod. I don't know if MacDrive5 had anything to do with that. After I unplugged the iPod I noticed that the Apple logo was the only thing on its display and the HD was spinning. WTF!!!! It would not boot! Bloody Hell! Damn PC!!!

I had thought it odd that early that day I saw that my main menu had reverted back to the default. I began to think that something bad had begun earlier and that what I was seeing now was just a continuation. I connected it to a Mac in our design department and after a number of attempts to get it to sleep I was successful.

To make a long story short, I had to format the Pod via disk utility and then restore it via the iPod utility. I now have the 2.1 software on the Pod and it is behaving itself. I wonder if my Jaguar (10.2.8) install on the Pod had anything to do with it.

I must say that I am amazed at how easy it is to get all of my music back on the Pod. Very cool.

Having learned no lessons from this I am now going to install a newer version of Mac OS X onto my Pod. :-)

(FYI – I call my iPod “Pod” cause I am too lazy to type the “i”)

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