PowerPC 980

There's a story on AppleInsider about the IBM PowerPC 980, which is very interesting. Particularly is the mention of a 980 being 40% faster than the sames-peed G5. Together with a starting speed of around 3 GHz and a faster bus (probably keeping with Apple's 1/2 the CPU speed, so 1.5 GHz), this should make for a pretty fast machine.
I found particularly interesting the mention of a “crossbar switch” in the CPU. The first time I heard of that was in very high-end SGI machines back in the early 1990's. I have no idea what it is, but it just kind of startled me when I saw it. I guess everything ends up in on the desktop at some point..
Btw, there is another article over on Mac Rumors with a bit more info on the 980

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