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How to benchmark Halo

Wednesday, February 19th, 2003


Go here.

Ctrl-F12 ingame to display framerate counter.

I did not see much of a difference between Pixel Shader 1.x and 2.0

My Results
For further information, please visit the timedemo FAQ at:
Date / Time: 10/19/2003 1:53:03 AM (45077062ms)
3120MHz, 1024MB, 128M ATI Radeon 9800 PRO (DeviceID=0x4e48) Driver= Shader=2.0
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo\halo.exe -timedemo (Version=
Total Time=63.39s
Average frame rate=74.15fps
Below 5fps= 4% (time) 0% (frames) (2.676s spent in 4 frames)
Below 10fps= 4% (time) 0% (frames)
Below 15fps= 4% (time) 0% (frames)
Below 20fps= 5% (time) 0% (frames)
Below 25fps= 5% (time) 0% (frames)
Below 30fps= 5% (time) 0% (frames)
Below 40fps= 8% (time) 2% (frames)
Below 50fps= 27% (time) 13% (frames)
Below 60fps= 45% (time) 26% (frames)

Sound Options

Hardware Acceleration= Yes
Sound Quality= High
Environmental Sound= EAX
Sound Variety= High

Video Options

Resolution= 800 x 600
Refresh rate= 85 Hz
Framerate throttle= No Vsync
Specular= Yes
Shadows= Yes
Decals= Yes
Particles= Off
Texture Quality= High